just a dating website for san diego county for those looking for odd relationships.  gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, open, poly, swinger, bdsm, cuckold, femdom, etc.  are we not including it?  then tell us so we can add it.

findiit was started in 2010 by someone passionate about starting a website where people could find things outside the box, without having to deal with the hodge-podge that is the larger classifieds websites. when it was sold to us, we took our time trying to re-think our trip down the classifieds arena, but landed on the same fact. there is no place for people looking for those ‘alternative’ relationships out there in existence, that is not completely run over with hookers and crazy christians trying to flag every single ad there is.  so here is what you get with the new, improved findiit.org.  while we accept people of all religions here, please do not bring judgement to our website.  we left the operations in wordpress for simplicity and because behind the scenes we are working on developing a new platform by scratch.

1. you get a lot less ads in the website.  most people will think, well then why use your website if i have a lot less to look at?  that can be true, however, there will be no one (quickly removed and blocked) on here trying to offer ‘relationships’ if you text them, but then when you do, they want money. this is for those people genuinely looking for love in the strangest of ways.  your way.

2. no flagging.  when you finally build up the courage to post, then you build up the courage to sift through ideas to write in your ad, and you debate for 10 minutes on including an image of yourself (or one where your face has been blurred or cut out), you finally reach an ‘idea’ and hit ‘post’.  that’s when you get a notice 20 minutes later that what you are looking for has been flagged by users, just because you asked for something not in the mold of what religious society decided is not ok. not only do they not want to read the listing, but they also want to make sure you cannot find what you are looking for. few people realize there are religious groups online flagging posts just to attempt to clean our society of what they think is bad.

3. the previous owner, who made this website possible, has been an important part of setting it up for us.  up until june of 2015, his ideas were used, and put into play here.  this is where we now launch and wish he was part of this new thing.  but for now, we will move forward and accept all of your critique and we hope you will choose to interact with our website in a positive way.  it is simple, mobile friendly and has a developer on it nearly full time.


suggestions and comments about our new website, may be sent to scstechnician@gmail.com for the time being.

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