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yes, you may post all of the free listings you want while you are a member of this website.  we are currently offering up to 1,000 free accounts once you are vetted, we will allow you to post your listing.  in order to become vetted, please sign up and we will make sure you are really looking for a special kind of relationship.  we do not allow lurkers.  voyeurs.  you must be active, maintain at least one listing.  and update with us once in a while.  otherwise our members will not feel safe.  if you have been inactive, we will happily refund your money and cancel your account.  this is a safe place for everyone.  help us keep it that way.


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submit form below to add an free listing.  submitting an image will be completed once we are verified your listing.  you will be contacted via email for the image.  since we screen all images (no nudity, etc), we manually add them into your listing.  all ads must never contain links, or html.  we will not allow them posted.  for ease of reading, we also require all lowercase lettering.  yes, for you ‘perfectionists’, this website is probably going to drive you bonkers!

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