do you feel your experience was not what you expected?  if you were here for under 30 days, you will receive a full refund upon request.  no questions asked.  after that, we will assume that you enjoyed our website and got what you needed from it.  we will also refund you in these situations:

  1.  we will refund you if you feel you did not receive value in the first 30 days of using this website.
  2.  we will refund you if you feel your last 30 days were of little value to you as well.
  3. we will refund you if you feel you were mislead about the website’s content.

we will refund up to one month of your subscription, if you feel you sneezed and pressed the ‘order’ button when you were not expecting to.  anything after 30 days, we assume you stayed with us for a good reason.  if you want to cancel you may do so very easily under the my account>cancel page.

if you are requesting a refund, please do so at and no need to an explanation.  just the request will do.

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